Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Christmas card - I made a bunch of these.

Today has been awfully busy.  We're supposed to be getting some snow tonight, so I wanted to have all of my outside garland hanging on the railings before the snow started to fall.  But first... I had to take all of the lights off of the garland, and replace them with LEDs.  6 strands of lights.  It took awhile, but it's done. 

We also went tree shopping this morning.  My husband loves his real tree smell, so we found a really nice one this morning.  It's in the tree stand, soaking up water, loosening its branches, and leaning rather awkwardly.  We're going to be straightening it before bed.  A couple of years ago it fell over (thankfully before everything was on!) and I'd rather avoid a repeat of that!

I've spent the evening on my blog.  Not this one, the other one.  I'm in the process of upgrading my blog to improve functionality, but you won't see the final product for a bit.  Stay tuned...  

Tonight I give you a photo of our 2008 Christmas cards.  This is not my original design, but I can't give credit to the person who designed the card.  It was received in a card swap in Burlington, and didn't have any identifying information on it.  If you know who the designer is, please tell me so that I can give them credit!!

Until tomorrow... happy stamping! 

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